Trees are an integral part of our terrain and it is important we take care of them to keep them healthy. Sometimes, you might be interested in trimming your trees yourself. It is not a bad idea provided you’re cutting off harmless branches. But, how do you know harmless branches? How do you trim the tree without killing it? Do you have the required tool to trim?

Jacksonville Tree Trimming Service

The penalty for do-it-yourself tree trimming can run high compared to hiring a trimmer. The cost of fixing damages to property, landscape and maybe hospital bills is higher than the cost of trimming. You need to employ the service of a professional tree trimmer to get your trimming done. Reasons why you should call a tree trimmer for your trimmings, are given below.

1. Knowledge and Experience

Tree services require sufficient knowledge and skills combined with field experience in order to handle tree-related problems.

Trimming and dropping of a tree have to be done in a controlled manner. It goes beyond using a chainsaw on the tree trunk. A tree expert will specify a drop zone and make accurate cuts while guiding the tree safely to the ground. As a result of you trimming your tree yourself, injuries might occur if the tree falls in the wrong direction.

During trimming, the tree care specialist can be able to identify possible tree health issues such as diseases, pest infestations and defects that need to be treated to keep the tree healthy.

2. Inadequate Tools

Most homeowners have faulty tools or tools not meant for trimming. Using tools that are not right for the task will cause you serious injury. Also, having access to the right tool without adequate knowledge on how to use the tool will expose you to more danger.

For instance, using a dull chainsaw will cause you to expend more pressure which might make you lose control. Ladders are also commonly misused by homeowners. Falling from a ladder may cause health issues.

Hence, it is better to get a trained tree service personnel who has access to the required equipment and knows how to handle it.

3. It Saves Money

Hiring a tree care profession saves you a lot of money. When you have a do-it-yourself tree trimming, the branches can fall on your property or that of your neighbors. This can lead to damage and you have to offset the cost for repairs.

But with a professional tree service, the damages can be prevented from happening. Perhaps damages occur due to the tree removal process, you will be reimbursed if the tree service company is insured. Aside from just trimming your trees, a tree service company will offer additional services such as cleaning of your roof and yard after trimming.

4. Your Tree is Preserved

Trimming your tree on your own without adequate equipment and knowledge can damage your tree. Tree service professionals know what to cut and how to cut it. They have the skills and are familiar with several ways to deal with tree-related problems. Hiring professionals will protect your landscape and ensure your tree health is maintained.

5. Protection from laws

Cutting down and trimming might require removal permits before they can be done. States and cities have property laws and protection ordinances that guide what you do on your property. Also, some trees are protected by law.

If you are not certain about the laws or you don’t know if your tree is termed “protected”, you need to contact a professional tree service.

Caring for your trees is a wonderful way of improving the look of the landscape. Aside from the above-stated reasons, a tree care expert will add more aesthetics to the tree than you trimming it yourself. When choosing to trim your trees, consider hiring a professional. Need a guide on what to watch out for when selecting a tree trimmer or tree service company?

Selecting a tree service company will guide you on what to check out for before you select a tree service company for your tree trimming Jacksonville FL and other tree-related services.