Tree service is the act of giving trees the right amount and type of care necessary for optimum health. It’s similar to caring for your pet. Trees have a life that needs to be maintained. Tree service includes tree planting, tree structure evaluation, tree trimming and pruning, shrub and hedge trimming, tree cabling and bracing, tree removal, stump grinding and removal. Tree care service also includes control and treatment of pest infestation, treatment of diseased or decaying trees and limbs, and much more.

  • Tree care tends to improve the frame, appearance, and health of trees.
  • Tree planting involves the transplanting and growing of seedlings to mature, healthy trees.
  • Tree structure evaluation is vital in determining the condition of a tree. It determines the health of the tree and helps in providing prompt and adequate care to trees.
  • Tree trimming is the removal of diseased, weak, dying, or dead tree branches. Pruning involves the selective removal of tree limbs to improve tree growth and health.
  • Tree cabling and bracing use cables to restore the strength, health, productivity, and freshness of a tree.
  • Tree removal is the cutting off of trees. This could be to create space or remove hazardous trees.
  • Stump grinding is the reduction of tree stumps to small fragments. It involves the use of a stump grinder to grind the stump to its lowest level. Stump removal is the total elimination of a tree stump.

Why is tree care service essential?

Tree service is important if you want a beautiful, vibrant, healthy, and safe tree. Tree service starts with the planting of the tree. Why do you need a tree service contractor to plant a tree?

  • To pick the right specie of seed and seedling suitable for you based on your need, want, and environment.
  • You don’t want to remove that beautiful tree just a few years after it was planted. A tree service contractor would help in planting trees away from utilities and trees with an appropriate size that won’t pose a risk in a few years. You most likely just want to plant a tree but a tree service would consider the tree requirements, need, and nature before planting the tree. This gives not only a beautiful but also a sustainable tree.
  • With a tree service, your tree is planted at the right season.

For an overall healthy tree, you need adequate tree care. Here are additional reasons why a tree care service is needed.

  • Safety – with tree service, the safety of your tree, property, and environment is guaranteed.
  • Curb appeal – proper tree service improves the appearance of your tree(s) and landscape. With the right tree service, the aesthetics of your tree(s) and the property is enhanced.
  • For proper tree growth and structure – a tree service ensures that your tree has all-round growth. Pruning of trees allows lower limbs and leaves have acres to sunlight and improves aeration.
  • Damage control – tree structure evaluation helps determine the health of your tree and correct any form of deformity. Tree evaluation detects diseases and decays early. The earlier a disease condition is discovered the better the chances of survival. Trimming of diseased and dead branches prevents the spread of disease to other parts of the tree. It also prevents branches from falling and damaging property or causing accidents.
  • Tree care also improves the ecosystem. By understanding the value of trees and protecting them from going extinct we preserve the ecosystem.
  • Purification purposes. A healthy tree purifies the air by trapping contaminants.
  • Using a tree service ensures that your tree is not damaged in the bid to improve its beauty. A tree service takes the health and wellbeing of trees very seriously.
  • Regular tree care and maintenance increase the production of flowers and fruits.
  • Longevity – a healthy tree is more likely to live long. Tree service maintains the health of your tree thus increasing its longevity.
  • A tree service cleans your property after tree removal and restores its beauty.

If you care for your tree and property, a tree service is important.  A tree service monitors and maintains the health of your tree ensuring optimal growth and fruiting and also prevents your tree from becoming a liability.