Trees and other plants decorate the environment, add shades to your yard and purify the atmosphere. Periodic upkeep of the trees is required to ensure their shape and health is maintained. Yet, there might be a time you want to remove the tree(s). Rotten or diseased infected trees and hanging or large branches can pose damage to people, structures and other trees. To ensure your safety and that of others, you might need to cut down a tree within your yard.

Knowing tree removal is a complicated technical task, it is important it is done by tree care experts. In order to avoid mistakes that could lead to more damages and overwhelming effect, you should not do it yourself. So, before you consider hiring a tree removal service to get it done, you must calculate an estimated tree removal cost. This is done to fit the cost into your budget.

Although calculating a tree removal cost can be a little tricky, understanding the factors that determine the cost helps in getting an adequate estimate. There are two ways to calculate tree removal cost. You can use an online calculator or work out the cost yourself through the determining variables.

What is the average cost of tree removal in Jacksonville FL?

On an average, the cost of tree removal ranges from $200 to $700 for small trees and $500 to $3000+ for medium trees. The tree’s height, condition, diameter, access to tree, and your location are factors that affect the price for tree removal. Let’s check out the factors that determine the cost of removal.


Factors that determine the cost of tree removal

A lot of variables are taken into consideration when calculating the cost of tree removal. The tree height, diameter, access to the tree, obstacles around the tree, are part of variables that determine the cost of removing a tree.


The height of a tree is a major determining factor of the total tree removal cost. Often, many tree removal companies charge a specific amount per foot for tree height. Trees ranging up to 30 feet in height are expected to be more affordable compared to trees from 30 feet to 60 feet in height.


Your location also plays a role in how much your tree removal will cost. You may pay more due to living in a big city compared to being in a small rural area. Also, the distance the tree service company may have to cover when coming to your house determines the cost.


Presence of obstacles that may hinder access to the tree also determine the removal cost. Fences, rocks, sidewalks, electricity wires, are examples of obstacles that makes tree removal cost a bit high. You should expect to pay much if the tree is close to power lines.


An emergency can arise for the need of immediate tree removal. For instance, immediate tree removal will be needed after storm causes a tree to fall on your structure or car. An emergency situation in which tree removal is needed will cost much compared to a one that isn’t pressing.

Fallen Tree

Compared to a standing tree, the cost of removing a fallen tree is lesser. Although, the cost will be dependent on the size and type of the tree. You should expect to pay an additional fee when you want the stump removed.

Stump Removal

When trees are cut down, they are normally reduced to the size of a stump. The cost of removing a stump will be dependent on the age of the stump, the root system, wood quality and the condition of the soil. The diameter of the trunk is also used by some tree service company to determine the removal cost.

Additional Services

Tree removal services span beyond just cutting trees. If you request for additional services such as cleaning your yard, limb trimming and splitting logs into smaller sizes (if you want to use them), the price will increase.

Other factors

Other miscellaneous factors that determine the cost of your tree removal include; the soil condition, tree condition such as unusual growth angles and decayed or diseased.

However, you should note that every tree removal service company considers various factors when pricing a tree removal job. They use a pricing method which is distinct to their company while taking all other costs into consideration so as to guarantee they make profit.

Cost of tree removal by tree size?

  • Small Tree

The cost for removing a small tree with a trunk diameter not larger than 6 inches and height of 5 feet to 15 feet ranges from $200 up to $1000.

  • Medium Tree

The cost of removing a medium tree with height of 15 feet to 30 feet ranges from $500 and $3000+.

  • Large Tree

The cost of removing a large tree with height of 30 feet to 60 feet ranges between $1000 and $5000+.

  • Extra Large Tree

Though uncommon, the cost of removing extra-large trees with height above 60 feet ranges between $3000 and $7000+. The above price ranges are subjected to changes due to some factors. Your yard location and access, obstruction of utility services can cause variation to the cost.