Living things are all prone to diseases caused by pathogens (an agent that causes diseases). Trees need proper supply of sunlight, water as well as carbon dioxide and environmental nutrients. When a tree is stressed, it is lacking the properties it needs for good growth. Here, the tree does not have the power to produce important defences; this makes the tree vulnerable to diseases.  Tree treatment is a measure taken to cure this disease and control the damage done. To help it recover, like a hospital will do to its patients. Tree diseases are living (fungus) and non-living (pollutant). We offer affordable tree maintenance and care services.

Types of Tree Diseases

There is nothing worse than watching a healthy tree gradually succumb to the disease.   There are various types of tree diseases that are treated. Some of which are:

– Oak wilt

– Vascular and wilt diseases

– Apple scab

– Powdery mildew

– Lethal yellow of palm

– Cedar rusts

– Cankers or stem disease

– Root rot

– Needle cast disease

– Anthracnose.

It is a blessing to know that there are treatments for such diseases that can prevent the production, growth, and spread of the spores that cause the diseases. A comprehensive tree inspection will take place. The treatment of tree disease is only effective when targeted by the type of the tree, specific disease, site conditions, and desired outcome.

Think of your certified arborists as your tree doctors. They diagnose the tree disease, then decide on a course of treatment. All of your programs are custom- designed, so that your property’s health and beauty is ensured and maximized.

Liquid Copper Fungicide spray is a common and assured solution to tree diseases. It is a key weapon and tool in the battle for the tree’s health. At the first sign of the disease, spray the affected tree or vine. Repeat the spray every ten days during the growing season. Mostly to make the prevention of the spread of Downy Mildew is ensured. There are many common diseases and other several ways to be rid of them;

– To prune the diseased branches and twigs.

– To remove infected stumps, or treat the area.

– To rake and burn/ dispose of infected fallen leaves immediately to prevent spread of the disease.

– To remove and destroy the infected parts, and provide moisture through well-drained soil.

To treat a tree disease, you will have to know your tree type and what can be really harmful to it. Trees create the very air we breathe because we need to survive and filter air pollution. Their survival and perfect care would be completely left to you. Trisha did not realize the disease-free trees she had in her backyard at some point kept her away from the doctor’s office, till she realized. There are some simple tips she followed;

-To help her tree, she raked up infected leaves, applied a fungicide at a professional’s advice.

– To choose a tree resistant to apple scab (many disease-resistant cultivars are available) water properly during dry periods.

– Spray the Canker area with Agri-Fos as well as Pentra- Bark disease treatment. The Pentra- Bark additive helps the Fungicide penetrate into the tree’s vascular system. She repeated the spray program every 21 to 30 days for three sprayings.

Tree disease treatment is considered to be the medical care for the disease to the health of the tree. The health of the tree or trees matters to- the environment, other trees, health and most of all beauty. Normally, substances are applied frequently mostly with professional advice. The control of the tree disease is to simply exercise influence over the disease, curb the spreading and the risk of it infecting other trees.