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    You think or know your tree looks sick or like it is going to fall? You think your tree needs a cut? Or are you confused on how to recognize hazardous trees on your property? You need to be knowledgeable about the signs so as to take actions to prevent catastrophic damages and losses? We’ve got you. Relax and read through…

    When is tree cutting necessary?

    • When the tree is dead or dying then it needs a total cut
    • When a tree is rotting or hollow
    • When it has invasive or destructive roots
    • When such a tree has been infested and poses a threat to surrounding trees
    • When it poses an inevitable threat to people, structure and vehicles
    • When such a tree is diseased and could infect other trees or plants

    Trees have particular facets of growth and as such any irregularities noticed should be reported to specialists in the field to know whether or not such trees need full cutting or partial. Contact us at Leinad tree Service for a dignified tree cutting service.

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    Do I Need A Jacksonville Tree Thinning Service? Things To Look Out For In Your Trees

    Tree Felling & Thinning Jacksonville FL - Leinad Tree Service

    Are you wondering what particular things you should be on the lookout for?

    • Failure of sections of the tree to leaf out in the Spring
    • Stunted, wilted, or discolored new foliage
    • Unusual and/or untimely loss of foliage
    • Discoloration or wilting of a section of the tree crown
    • Growth of sprouts or suckers from the root of the tree
    • Growth of mushroom conks on the trunk or on surface roots
    • Entry or exit holes of boring insects on the tree
    • Presence of dead branches in the crown of such trees
    • If your tree has begun to grow lean
    • If neighboring trees are dying suddenly
    • Mold or mildew has grown on a significant portion of the foliage if your tree was struck by lightning
    • If there is a significant damage to foliage from an insect infestation
    • If a severe storm has stripped your tree of foliage and damaged multiple branches.

    Just like the human body, trees face various health threats and thrive. However, when faced with multiple threats, its health may decline and cause severe damage which may eventually lead to its death. Many of these signs can be completely avoided when detected at their earliest stages.

    However, we neglect basic little details that would make us avoid having trees due for cutting because of one disease or the other. When trees get old without thinning or maintenance of any kind, they begin to accrue branches on their interior.

    We get to have a shade but did you know having too much shade could be a bad sign? How come? The denser the tree, the less likely it is that interior branches are getting the sunlight they need. The resultant effect is the increase in the rate of dead wood, leading to more pests and potential tree disease. Be sure to know that you are not alone.

    At Leinad Tree Service, we know exactly what and how to handle issues of this nature. In as much as it relates to trees, be sure to have us offer you the very best of the service there is. We would have our team of arborists and specialists utilize tree thinning amidst other possible solutions to ensure that their limbs are less stresses and they are able to develop in a healthy manner.

    The specialty tree cutting and thinning requires is reason for the availability of a team of highly qualified and certified arborists and specialists who are vast in both the tree(s). Having the knowledge of when to thin or cut a tree is as important a knowing how to go about it. Every cut can either be beneficial to the tree or otherwise.

    Thus, Leinad Tree Service has certified arborists who can personally inspect your tree or shrubs to decide if cutting or thinning is necessary, to what extent is it necessary and when it should be executed. Our teams are gravely experienced with all types and species of trees, giving us the ability to take adequate care of your trees. Alongside Cutting and thinning services, we also offer tree cabling and bracing.