Jacksonville is a great holiday destination as well as a tourist attraction, which is definitely due to its riverside attractions, wildlife and nature conservations and historic sites, not to mention the fine weather, beautiful beaches and great neighborhoods. This city draws people from all over the world, couples, families, friends and lone vacationers.
You would wonder about the airports that enable the influx of the large number of people who come on vacations, tours or business annually. Further on are the top 3 airports in Jacksonville based on a myriad of factors including the reviews and ratings, state of the facilities and the number of passenger arrivals. If you are visiting Jacksonville, you will definitely touchdown in one of the following below.

1. Jacksonville International Airport

Jacksonville International Airport

Situated only a few minutes from downtown Jacksonville, Jacksonville International Airport is the portal to Florida’s Northeast. Owned and operated by Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA), the airport has been operating since 1968, handling over 5 million passengers and around 100,000 aircraft movements annually.
Jacksonville International Airport has a two-level main passenger terminal building, the upper level of which is used for departures and lower level for arrivals.

The main terminal has a number of shopping stores, eateries, a help desk, USO facilities and a spa.
The passenger terminal has 28 boarding gates, 23 of which are provided with jet-loading bridges and the remaining five with parking positions alongside terminal access. Recently, a new preferred-passenger lane was launched by the airport. The airport also provides free Wi-Fi and entertainment.


2400 Yankee Clipper Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32218, United States

2. Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport

Previously known as Craig Municipal Airport, Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport is a public airport located eight miles east of Jacksonville’s central business district in Duval County

Also owned by the Jacksonville Aviation Authority, the modest general aviation airport handles private aircraft and smaller commercial planes. Located along St. Johns Bluff Road north of Atlantic Boulevard, it also borders Atlantic Boulevard to the south. The airport has a control tower and handles about 500 aircraft operations daily and an average of 150,000 aircraft operations annually. There are 319 aircraft berthed at the airport as well as 2 FBOs on the field, Craig Air Center and Sky Harbor Aviation. If you need an affordable tree service near jacksonville international airport, contact us at Leinad Tree Service.


855-1 St Johns Bluff Rd N, Jacksonville, FL 32225, United States

3. Herlong Recreational Airport

Herlong Recreational Airport, frequently called ‘Herlong Airport’, is a public airport located eight miles southwest of Jacksonville’s central business district in Duval County.

Originally built during World War II to facilitate pilot training for the Navy and Air Force, the property was given to the city after the war, and subsequently the Jacksonville Aviation Authority.With 162 aircraft berthed at the airport, handles over 200 aircraft operations daily and an average of 100,000 aircraft operations annually. Herlong Recreational Airport was chosen as the 2001 Florida Department of Transportation’s General Aviation Airport of the Year in acknowledgement of the airport’s developments and exceptional operations.


9300 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221, United States

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