A right of way service is one of the most important services in today’s civilized era as it involves the right to make way over a piece of land for transportation purposes, electrical transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines. It is reserved for purposes of maintenance or expansion of existing services with right of way. Leinad Tree Service is involved in the right of way acquisition for both private enterprise and government agencies.

Right of way assessments give accurate, up to date and thoroughly documented data to help you analyze from your office the collected field data. The information collected is then laid out in an excel document and plotted on Google earth along with photos to make your analysis as accurate as possible.

Maintaining a brush-free Right of Way is a critical part of our jobs. Our pipeline customers rely on us to ensure there are no trees above their pipeline(s) while still ensuring there is a clear view to the sky for routine aerial patrol. [Company’s name] utility clients rely on us to keep the Right of Way clear so as to ensure reliable service to customers, to help control service costs, and to promote safety both on the property and for those working on it.


  • Tree roots can damage the coating on the pipeline and as such destroy the efforts made at rendering a right of way service.
  • A clear right of way easement and appropriately placed line markers allows for optimum patrols and helps to notify the public of the adequacy/propriety being present.
  • Heavy Side Tree Canopy can prevent the pilot from seeing the right of way during routine patrols.
  • A clear right of way allows for easy emergency passage and makes other routine maintenance on the pipeline riskless and easier.

Through the act of clearing every single thing from the pipelines and railroads to electric utilities and roadways, we have helped our customers build a successful Right of Way Clearing program that is focused on long term results, flat-line budgeting and a perfectly maintained Right of Way.

Our maintenance cycle is often a multi-dimensional approach which utilizes a combination of canopy trimming, forestry mulching, mowing, and herbicide applications. At Leinad Tree Service, we use only the best equipment to get the job done correctly with regards to safety standards. The dedication to excellence we at Leinad Tree Service exude and the distinctive inclination to challenge our own procedures has placed us as not just a nationwide contractor but the best in the field.

The Right of Way maintenance services we provide at Leinad Tree Service includes:

  • Emergency Response Clearing
  • Canopy Trimming
  • Forestry Mulching
  • Foliar, Basal and Cut-Stump applications
  • Hazard Tree Removal
  • Right of Way Clearing
  • Residential Tree Removal
  • New Pipeline Clearing – Initial Right of Way Clearing ahead of Construction

Negotiation is the key to a successful acquisition program. Thus, there are things to look out for while choosing who to deal with. Company agents must be highly qualified and provided with proper tools. Diligent right of way companies ensure their agents or staffs are thoroughly trained in company policies and procedures will provide the project with a cost effective acquisition and good property owner relation. Thus, a good acquisition program includes the following:

  • Training: right of way agents cannot negotiate successfully unless they duly understand the project, its goals, and the philosophy of the pipeline company. Since they are representatives of the company and simultaneously the face of the company to the customers they need to represent the company well. It is thus imperative that training and follow-up sessions are held regularly to discuss the project and answer agent’s questions. Training goes a long way and as a customer you do not want to have to deal with someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Thus, ensure you are dealing with a highly professional company with well experienced and properly trained workers.
  • Tools: the importance of tools cannot be over emphasized as it is a highly necessary negotiation tool. You would be provided items such as accurate drawings, fair and equitable property appraisals, guidelines for company offers, and other related information and as a customer you do not want half-baked replies or resources. You’d better get done with incompetent companies and welcome highly efficient and equipped companies such as Leinad Tree Service.
  • Time: be sure to work with companies that keep to time and do not unnecessarily prolong work.
  • Latitude: when it comes to right of way services, a strict negotiation policy will have to give way to a certain amount of latitude with which to negotiate. Such includes a range of right of way payments and certain terms. However, be sure to ensure the companies do not go all lax on you. Be sure to ensure they are actually and not hide under the canopy of ‘professional latitude’.

Drawing on decades of land services experience, our large network of professionals apply local expertise and specialized knowledge to solve the toughest of the challenges. With our strong presence and advanced technology, we at Leinad Tree Service Jacksonville can handle any type of project, regardless of its size. Our services include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Route and Site Selection
  • Line List Development
  • Easement Valuation Assistance
  • Title/Ownership Research
  • Document Preparation and Management
  • Non-Environmental Permitting
  • Right of Way Acquisition
  • Facility Negotiation
  • Condemnation Support
  • Construction Support
  • Settle Damage Claims
  • Database Administration
  • Project Management
  • Due Diligence