The Stones have always prided themselves with a very relaxing and attractive yard. For every outdoor event, the look of admiration and comments of their guests were always satisfying. But the last event was not so.

A few years ago, the Stones removed a tree leaving its stump. The stump had become an eyesore after a few years. Stumps reduce the appeal of your yard. After a while, the stump has new growths. Since the stump still has its roots in the soil, it continues to grow. New growths sap the water and nutrients available in the soil and leave other plants malnourished. This further reduces the curb appeal of your home. The grasses are no longer green and welcoming. This could reduce the market value of your property if you want to sell.

A new tree was planted to replace the one that was removed but its development is slow. Its roots are competing with the more established roots of the old stump for nutrients. Though it is watered regularly there is no significant improvement whereas the new growth on the stump is getting fresher. This is because the young developing root is at a disadvantage in the presence of a more established root. Its root does not have sufficient space to grow. Hence, its roots are growing close to the surface. The roots are at the risked of getting exposed. Exposed roots are at risk of being trampled, injured by lawnmowers, and scalded due to exposure to sunlight. This makes the roots weak. In the event of a storm, the tree is at risk of falling off because the root is weak and not firmly anchored to the ground.

One of the guests was injured because they were not aware of the tree stump. Leaving a tree stump causes liability. Children playing in the yard could trip due to a tree stump and get injured. Anyone moving in the dark is at risk of sustaining injuries due to the stump. Guests not aware of a stump could hit their foot and loose balance and be severely injured. Lawnmowers could be damaged. To avoid injuries and damage, remove the tree stump.

A week after a guest was injured, the annual family gathering was to hold. To avoid another liability, the sitting arrangement was made away from the stump. This reduced the space available and the table setting was tight. The children could not play freely in the yard.

Stumps also attract pests like termites. This is the reason why the kitchen cabinet and doors are damaged. The Stones were surprised. This was the first time they had termites in their home. When the numbers of pests are large, they migrate from the stump into the house.

Another disadvantage of leaving a tree stump is its vulnerability. A stump is more vulnerable to infections and pests. It also spreads diseases and infections to other plants. Tree stumps are more susceptible to diseases and they can spread such to other plants around them. Avoid the spread of diseases by removing the tree stump.

The two trees at either side of the tree stump on the Stones property have to be removed due to decay. It was not immediately noticed when they got infected by the stump. Now, treatment won’t be effective. To preserve other plants on the property, it is safer to remove them. The tree stump cost them two other trees. Leaving a tree stump is more expensive than removing them. Remove your tree stump!

A tree stump is hazardous. It is safe for other plants on your property, your house, children, guests and yourself to remove that tree stump. Need a trusted and reliable stump removal and grinding company in Jacksonville? Contact Leinad Tree Service today!