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    Construction Site Tree Management Jacksonville FL

    Are there trees on your property that need pruning, removal or management? Do you need to manage the trees on a property in relation to the built environment, whether you are constructing roads, train lines, buildings, power lines or any infrastructure?

    Would you need the assistance of a trusted Jacksonville tree service company who will help explain environmental concerns relative to your construction projects and give you practical solutions based on recommended standards?

    Construction projects are most times complex as a result of many parties which all working on the same jobsite as well as the logistics that come from taking a project from start to finish. When working on construction projects, there are many situations in which you might need to seek the service of a tree removal company.

    Teaming up with a professional Certified Arborist and tree service company in Jacksonville from the beginning of a construction or development project can save contractors and builders a lot of time, stress and money.

    In any construction or development project, trees are important components and sometimes may present unexpected challenges. For instance, after the survey of a job site, you might notice many large trees are going to get in the way of your project plan. Or you might need to establish some trees to acquire the desired landscape after you have completed the construction.

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    Trusted Building Site Tree Removal Service In Duval County?

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    Development and construction processes often require all existing trees on a site to be accounted for including a map of the location, size, species and condition of the trees. Do you really need a tree service for your construction and development project?

    The tree removal laws of Jacksonville, Florida are quite complex. Ramifications for violation of these laws can be quite severe, which include tripling of mitigation expense and even criminal punishment. At times, while working on a construction or development project, tree removal is prohibited and the construction plans must be modified so as to retain certain trees.

    Development codes may also require that trees remaining on the project site be protected during construction with routine inspections to ensure the tree roots are not being disturbed and that proper tree protection fencing is in place.

    Not knowing tree codes relative to construction and development can delay projects and at times increase costs which is why it is so important for contractors and builders to contact a Certified Arborist and tree service here in Jacksonville. Building and development codes may restrict which trees can be removed from a project site in order to accommodate construction based on tree codes for the city/county where construction will take place.

    If trees are being removed to accommodate construction, obtaining a separate tree removal permit may be necessary and often, new trees may be required to be planted once construction is completed. Tree removal laws are turned on whether a tree is protected or not. “Un-protected” trees can be removed at will, without a permit while “protected” trees trigger the tree removal laws. No protected tree shall be cut down, removed, or damaged without first having obtained a permit. What then constitutes a protected tree? Let us examine few conditions which makes a tree termed protected.

    A tree on private lands will be termed protected if it fits within one of the following classifications:

    1) a tree with a circumference at breast height [four and one-half feet above ground level], of three feet or more; or

    2) any tree with a smaller circumference that is utilized by a developer as a tree conservation credit or that is planted by a developer to meet mitigation requirements.

    3) any tree with a diameter breast height (“DBH”) of six inches or more located on any lot within 20 feet of a street right-of-way (including an approved private street or other access easement); or

    4) any tree with a DBH of eight inches or more located within ten feet of any other property line; or

    5) any tree with a DBH of 11.5 inches or more located elsewhere on the lot.

    Why Choose Leinad Tree Service as Your Construction Tree Removal Service?

    Construction tree services carried out by Leinad Tree Service are carried out by professionals who are extremely dedicated to serve you and your needs. On every project we handle, either it being commercial or residential, we make sure we communicate with our client and inform them about everything they need to know as regards the project.

    We have worked with many general contractors and home builders in Jacksonville and we know the importance of completing projects quickly, safely, cost effectively and without hassles or delays. We are familiar with tree codes in Jacksonville, and with the knowledge, experience and credentials, we can help you work through necessary tree related permit and development requirements.

    At Leinad Tree Service, we;

    • have a keen commercial focus sustained by a reputation for on-time delivery and excellent customer service.
    • have a strong combined experience within the arboriculture and environmental industry.
    • have a managerial focus- you don’t need to put us to work. We get on with the job and report to you in the way that you prefer.
    • don’t believe in partial work, we believe in satisfied customers. We communicate openly with you, customer, to learn more about your expectations and your requirements for each job. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations by any and all means.

    Leinad Tree Service works with many large, commercial contractors and construction companies and are very familiar with the needs and requirements that construction and development project present. This include and not limited to;

    • Job Site Safety Plans
    • Additional Insurance Endorsements
    • Arborist Reports
    • Tree Removal Permits
    • Tree Projection Plans

    You can take advantage of our construction tree services as you move forward with your construction project. Our team of experts can come to safely remove large trees that might hinder the completion of your construction projects.

    We can also help you plant the new trees you need, as well as make helpful recommendations for which type, we think will be best for the establishment of the desired beautiful landscape. We offer quality, efficient and affordable construction tree services to our valued clients. Our services are designed to ensure an all-round success of your construction project, regardless of its size.

    Leinad Tree Service promises to always be there for you as regards your construction and development tree services in Jacksonville, as well as provide answers to your questions and give you regular updates. Leinad Tree Service provides large-scale tree removal services. Why not let us work closely with your team to safely and efficiently remove all trees from your construction site. All stumps will be removed, and you can begin your construction.

    Our team of experts is always ready and waiting to contribute to the success of your construction project by tapping into our years of combined experience to get the job done efficiently, quickly and affordably.

    To know more about our construction tree services and what they include, why not get in touch with us today. We also offer land clearing services in Jacksonville.