Bushes tend to maintain a natural elegance that can make your home or property appealing. It is true that the appearance of bushes in your lawn or yard says a lot about you. They give an impressive complement to lawns, hardscapes (like patios, stonewalls and walks), trees, and gardens. Unkempt and overgrown bushes tend to leave an unfavorable impact on the value and appearance of your home. The expression “first impression last longer”, in no small way speaks of the fact that tidy and well-trimmed bushes will give a better and lasting first impression to visitors when they appear in your home.

The assumption people draw about homeowners rely greatly on how neatly their yard or lawn is kept. However, of all landscaping plants, bushes, shrubs, and maybe hedges are mostly undervalued and underrated. Do you know that when bushes are neatly kept and well maintained, they can increase the resale value of your home? Yes, they do!

Most varieties of bushes stay active and green all through the year leaving a plethora elegance on your property. Bushes can be grown into a privacy screen or windbreak along a boundary line. Maintaining landscaping beauty is somewhat easy when you know exactly how to go about it. Trimming bushes can be enjoyable because of its simplicity moreover, it helps to improve its health, beauty and growth.

Some homeowners don’t trim their bushes at all, leaving them unkempt and unattractive with the fear that they might harm the plants. You can hire pros who take pride in what they do and that’s why (bus name) is always here as your “trouble tree”. Cast all the worries on us, we can take it!


BUSH TRIMMING…. what does It mean?

Basically, bush trimming is the act of generally cutting back bushes for structure, size, and appearance. Some horticulturist considers trimming as an ” art and science”. The art is seeing the plants as it responds to what it is subjected to, giving it a natural structure. The science is understanding the plant.



The perfect time to trim depends on whether they are flowering or non-flowering plants. Also, trimming time could be dependent on whether they are overgrown or not. For flowering plants, they should be trimmed after they have bloomed. You may consider trimming non-flowering plants in late winter.

It doesn’t matter the itch you have to trim, remember never to trim bushes in the fall. With no doubt, fall is the worst time to get your bushes trimmed. This is because plants are advancing dormancy, preparing for winter. Giving them a cut in time like this promotes growth, which can weaken the plant.

Winter is the best time to get plants trimmed. This is because they are dormant during this season and seeing the leaves gone makes the job even easier. So, plants can derive energy for rapid growth in the spring when trimmed in winter.

Spring is also a great time to get your bushes trimmed. Just as the growth begins in early spring, consider trimming your flowering bushes especially those that bloom on new wood (the ones that flower when growth occurs in the spring). Bushes that flower on old wood (that is, they carry buds from the previous year) should be trimmed after they are done flowering in the spring.



To keep your landscape in its perfect shape, trimming has to be done. Those bushes in your landscape require trimming so that they can look newt and as such maintain their health and strength. The question now is “how can overgrown bushes be trimmed”?

  • Make room for sunlight: To allow sunlight penetration gets to the interior parts of the bush, get rid of at least one-third of every older stems and limb. This can be done using hedge clippers.
  • Clip long stems: Clip all the long stems to keep bushes from stretching towards the ground
  • Cut y-shaped branches: Cut branches that portrays y-shape on the trunk
  • Thinning out: Use hand pruners to thin out the smaller stem. Ensure you get rid of old growth only; it makes the plant look active.
  • Discard trimmed clippings: to keep a tidy environment after trimming, pick up every single trimmed stem and dispose of them.



Plants in your landscapes can go wild when left unattended. Regular trimming keeps your bushes at the proper size and leaves them to thrive strong. With regular trimming, your landscape derives the following benefits:

  • Trimming gets rid of dying, dead, infected or diseased and uneven limbs
  • Trimming curbs the size of plants
  • Trimming helps in cleaning and shaping bushes to your desired structure
  • Trimming makes your landscapes appealing, beautiful and welcoming
  • Stimulates stronger and robust growth from the areas cut out.



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