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Need an affordable Jacksonville tree service company? We’ve got you covered. The safety of your family, your possessions, and home are of great importance to you, likewise maintaining the curb appeal of your home’s appearance by ensuring a beautiful landscape.

Besides our love for trees, and our highly-skilled team of local tree service Jacksonville technicians and Arborists, we are dedicated to ensuring your experience of working with us is as simple and cost-efficient as possible. You can’t go wrong with great customer support and a responsive team of experienced tree experts in Jacksonville.

Would you like pruning services or tree trimming in Jacksonville? Considering different tree companies, but not sure who’s the best fit for you and your home? Guess you just found us, Leinad Tree Service Jacksonville FL, the ideal choice for all types of tree services in Jacksonville. As a home or commercial business owners in Jacksonville, you need to understand that not all tree service companies offer the same quality or value. It’s a pretty wide-open space out there, the multitude of tree service companies to choose from; and as you might have imagined, not all tree companies in Jacksonville are cut from the same… well, guess you get the point.

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    Mistakes made during tree services and stump grinding processes are not only risky but also costly. View our professional services to see what suits your home!

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    Tree removal is a technical process that requires proper assessment and planning. It can be a very dangerous work that requires the service of certified arborists and highly skilled experts. It is of importance to note that any tree company you end up selecting should have properly trained staff with a deep passion and connection with what they do.

    Do you know that;


    • Removing a tree on your own could be illegal. Some trees are protected by legislation. Always consult with a Certified Arborist first before making any decision regarding that tree.
    • Different trees have specific times of the year that they should not be pruned.
    • During droughts, trees and other plants do not get enough nutrients required for their growth which makes them more susceptible to illness and pest problems during this period.


    Tree Removal Service Jacksonville FL- Leinad Tree Service

    Why Hire a Tree Service Company

    Typically, people hire us if their trees look sick, need to be removed, need trimming, or want to plant a new one.


    • They are hired mostly for their experience and convenience (no one wants to destroy their home trying to cut down a tree).
    • Working with trees can take a lot of time, specialized equipment, and the experience needed to avoid injuring people or damaging property is key.
    • Prevents Unnecessary Injury – You want only the right tools and skilled personnel to help remove, trim or prune your tree properly. By trying to mess around with this on your own, you might get into trouble.
    • It saves time and money – Might seem like an absurd contrary statement saying hiring a tree company in Jacksonville saves money, but imagine cutting down your tree in the wrong way, and it has to fall on your roof. It’s going to be very expensive fixing the entire roof and, in the end, you’d still want a professional to get the tree off your home area, so why not just hire one in the first place?
    • Preventive Maintenance – a good tree firm ensures your trees are healthy and beautiful while maintaining a pocket-friendly price.



    • Our vision is to make the city a better place to live. We love what we do and we want our clients to experience the beauty embedded in their neighborhood by ensuring clean air and a better environment.
    • We have built a team of tree experts with years of experience in tree services. The team consists of real professionals in this field whose aim is to do a perfect and hassle-free job each and every time.
    • We own all our equipment and heavy-duty machinery. We don’t rent. This means you enjoy a premium quality service at an affordable quote with no additional or hidden charges. You don’t have to break your bank by calling us.
    • Working with trees and specialist equipment often at great heights is a hazardous job. Nevertheless, you can sleep easy knowing our professionals are fully licensed and insured to perform their duties at all levels of difficulty. We are a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). And in case of damages, while working, we would cater to it.
    • The price quoted is the price you pay. We build a customer relationship founded on honesty and trust. We don’t look for opportunities for additional charges. We give an honest quote about the cost of your job and we stick to it.
    • Top-notch customer service
    • Excellent communication
    • Affordable pricing
    • Strict adherence to industry protocol
    • Consistent safety training procedures
    • High Customer satisfaction


    Many homes and commercial building owners believe that removing the trunk and or the upper portions of a problematic tree is a more cost-effective solution than the complete tree removal. However, do you know that the stump left behind can still cause problems?


    • Dead tree stumps are an eyesore that leads to a lower value and appeal of your property.
    • Tree stumps can serve as a major breeding ground for most insects and other pests. This provides an invitation for ants, termites, and vermin to move onto your property, which would cause more damage to your home and at times also poses dangers to you and your family.
    • A tree stump can cause a tripping problem for children or pets. It is also an annoyance and can be dangerous to maneuver around while mowing or caring for your lawn.
    • Tree stumps take up physical space in your home area, which makes your yard appear smaller with little or no space and generally less appealing.
    • We are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of every customer and pride ourselves on offering knowledgeable and friendly services at competitive rates in Jacksonville. We own and work with some of the most up to date tree services and stump grinding tools in and around Jacksonville. From our Stihl saws to Morbark and Vermeer grinders, all of our equipment is modern, up to date, and properly maintained & serviced.


    If more complicated projects are to be carried out, we use our hoists, cherry pickers, as well as our Vermeer chippers. Noting we have the necessary skilled personnel and modern equipment, we have the ability to take on considerably, more substantial and complex tree projects.

    We recognize our prospective Jacksonville area clients have alternatives when it concerns tree care companies in the area, to include tree companies going house-to-house requesting your business since they are in your locale. Be mindful though, a number of these “tree companies” are not licensed and/or insured – likely exposing you to financial responsibility should just one of their workers have a mishap on your residential or commercial structure. This is due to the fact that companies like this almost never offer their worker’s compensation subjecting the home or commercial firm owners to monetary risk as well as potential legal complications.

    Our customers can be guaranteed our organization is completely licensed, insured, as well as bonded – providing a complete copy of our policy documentation as well as license during the time we provide you with the written price quote. Please be careful of shady tree companies that do not offer this or a written quote for your tree job. We strongly believe it is the perception of our services by our clients that would differentiate our business from our rivals. We prefer to believe we do not have any sort of competitors that provide excellent tree care services that Jacksonville residents require and deserve.

    We without delay return your phone call or message if you cannot contact us immediately. Next, we are definitely punctual in coming to your residence or commercial area to provide you with a cost-free estimate based on the inspection. We will always be timely in arriving at the booked time for your tree care project.

    – We offer fast, reliable, and affordable same day tree removal services in Jacksonville to both residential and commercial clients. We’re a highly-recommend locally-owned and family-owned and operated 24-hour emergency tree company serving green cove springs, st Augustine, and the surrounding areas. We use only the highest quality of equipment and up-to-date technology on your home to prevent damages to your building, the power lines, and your neighbor’s buildings and we always do a great job.

    – As one of the best local tree companies in Jacksonville, we’re highly-reviewed and offer free estimates to ensure you know the costs of our tree cutting services before we even begin.

    – As licensed and certified tree professionals, we offer trusted tree surgeons solutions in Jacksonville, Florida. Contact us today for a free quote. Our recommended tree business is insured and bonded. Feel free to also ask about our financing options (we can also partner with your insurance firm to get the job done right the first time).

    – Our emergency tree experts are always quick to reply to your calls and fix any storm damage that might have occurred, no matter how big or small. Feel free to check out some of our reviews to know why we’re among the top preferred tree service in Jacksonville.

    – Contact a tree contractor that has your interest in mind. When searching for Professional tree services near me, be sure to give us a call, as our Tree contractors are always ready to handle any tree project that might come their way in the Jacksonville Area. We do excellent work as a 24-hour emergency trimming tree firm, and would definitely always leave your property clean.