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Dear Tree Owner:

Congratulations on the purchase and installation of your new shade tree from Stecklein Tree Service. We are happy to help you with your new trees. Provided below are a few guidelines developed to help ensure a healthy and strong tree for years to come.

1. Because soil varies greatly the best method is to dig down approximately five to six inches, remove some soil and tightly squeeze in hand. If soil crumbles it is time to water your tree. Water tree heavily approximately twenty to thirty gallons of water. Water which runs off does not count. Your soil should be fairly drained before watering again. Most soils will go about seven to ten days without one inch of rainfall. Do not water frequently in small amounts, as the tree roots will die due to lack of oxygen. You will need to keep watering up until soil freezes; this is often neglected, since roots are still growing even if your tree does not have any leaves on it.

2. Fertilize lightly up to twice a month. You do not want to fertilize after July 4th of the current year.

3. Protect your tree by placing shredded wood chips around the tree trunk about two inches deep. This will conserve soil moisture and keep the grass and weeds away. Do not use a weed trimmer or a lawnmower near tree trunk as this will result in damage to the tree and cause the tree to possibly die.

4. Place cardboard or some type of protection around the truck of your tree in late August. This will prevent rabbit and deer from damaging the tree. Doing this will also prevent frost crack.

We hope this information will be useful in the growing of your new tree. If you have any questions regarding information listed on our website feel free to e-mail me at I look foward in hearing from you. Thank you and have a great day.


Jeff Stecklein
Founder & CEO
Steckleins Tree Service

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