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Hi and welcome to Steckleins Tree Service. My name is Jeff Stecklein I'm founder and CEO. Steckleins Tree Service was founded on the basic principle of quality customer satisfaction. Years of knowledge that can only come from on the job training has given me the skills needed. I'm originally from just outside of Cascade, Iowa where I was born and raised. I started working at Cascade Forest part-time when I was still attending High School. I have always been interested in trees, planting and meeting new people.

Our trees are locally grown and are all balled and burlapped (B & B) and ready for installation. There is no comparison between B & B trees and a tree that has been grown in a pot. Potted trees tend to get root bound due to the fact that these trees have been started in a smaller pot and transplanted into bigger. Because these tree roots have been trained to grow in circles due to the shape of the pot, after they are planted, the roots tend to continue to grow in a circle. Therefore, the trees grown this way tend to have roots that never quite grow out laterally from the tree which supports the weight of the tree and tend to be slower growers. That is why if we have extremely wet ground and windy weather, you will sometimes see large trees uprooted.

B & B trees have never been grown in pots. They have been planted as young whips and have been pruned and shaped to get a strong central leader which improves the quality and look of your tree. We have many varieties of trees for your selection. They have been pruned six feet from the ground to the first limbs. These trees are sold by the trunk diameter inch. They range from two to six inch diameter and twelve to twenty feet or taller in height depending upon which variety of tree purchased. We would be happy to meet with you to answer any questions you may have or show you our selection.

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